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Leadership Development with Executive Coaching
Jul 09, 2021 5 min read

If you wanted to develop your leadership, where would you begin? Leadership as a whole is like looking into a kaleidoscope. You see many dimensions, facets and patterns. After all, as leaders, you navigate through a VUCA world that is complex, demanding and calls for multiple skills and strengths. 

Why executive coaching is a powerful tool for leadership development?

Corporate and Executive Coaching addresses dimensions of leadership with YOU at the heart of it. The first and most important dimension is managing self. How you relate to and manage yourself impacts how you relate to others and your environment. 


Furthermore, coaching is a powerful methodology for leadership skills development because it works with the individual as a whole entity while focusing on specific aspects of leadership development. 

I coached a senior leader in a technology company on emotional intelligence skills. Developing this skill did not just help him to be more balanced and engage better with his teams,it also positively impacted his personal life. The client had gained a better understanding of himself; hence he was able to move forward.

Begin With…………….

Clarity! Within the entire fabric of leadership, coaches help you achieve clarity on those key components of leadership that need your attention, either to be strengthened or developed.

How do they do this? 

Executive coaches credentialed in leadership assessment tools help you understand your key personality traits, strengths, development areas, and workplace impact. Often these assessments help in opening up blind spots. For example, Hogan personality assessments reveal how people perceive you when you are under stress or pressure.

360-degree assessments are also used by coaches to help you understand how you are perceived in the workplace. 

Next Steps………….

Based on the information your assessments and reflection provide, you identify your developmental and coaching goals. The next step is creating change in your thinking, behaviours and actions to either move towards your desired results or move away from undesired results. 

A coach plays a crucial role in helping you create change by being the catalyst, sounding board and accountability partner. Even as you manage your work and personal demands, the coach helps you stay focused on your key goals. 

John Maxwell, the internationally renowned leadership expert and author, coined the word ‘Leadershift’, defining it as – “Necessary changes that make or break your leadership”. 

Executive Coaching enables leaders to make those changes in a sustainable and empowering way. 

Recommended Books:

Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman, Learn Like a Leader, Leadershift by John Maxwell  



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