“The Power To Achieve
Your Vision Is Within You.”

“Draw from your unique strengths and innate wisdom to lead yourself and others with greater clarity, transformative change and higher impact.” — Payal Rajaratnam, Executive Coach

Positive change starts with a single step!

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I help Leaders and High Potential Individuals
Anchor in

Be Purposeful
Achieve Focus
Grow In Confidence

Discover new possibilities

Gain Clarity
Open Blind Spots
Create Fresh Solutions

Create positive change

Build New Behaviours
Achieve Goals
Enhance Leadership Impact

Payal Rajaratnam Executive Coach

Hi, I Am Payal Rajaratnam......and welcome to the Empowered Leadership Circle!

I am an Executive Coach with over 20 years of global corporate work experience in people and customer- oriented roles. Furthermore, I have an abundance of industry experience in training emerging leaders.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation and have spent over 800 hours coaching high potentials, senior and C-suite executives on topics related to self-management, leading people and emotional intelligence. Additionally, I am certified in key areas related to executive coaching to ensure you get the most out of our time together.

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Attain clarity and focus, Shift mindset and behaviours to overcome challenges, Open blind spots and Create positive change to grow professionally and personally through my in-depth coaching sessions

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Change starts with a single step.

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