Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Have you noticed how your disturbing emotions can rob you of your focus, balance and wellbeing?
You find It hard to perform at your peak when you are experiencing disturbing emotions e.g. feeling frustrated, angry or fearful. These emotions can lead you to exhaustion, stress, and rumination.
You wish these emotions could find a way out of you, because they impact not just your effectiveness and influence, but also your relationships, decision making and well-being.
Instead think of it this way - Emotions are a very valuable resource and communicate important messages to you, if you just stop and listen. You have the power to use your emotions positively, to create the results you want.

As a certified EQ assessor, I conduct emotional intelligent assessments for individuals and coach them to harness the power of their emotions, and respond intelligently to other people’s emotions.

Change Starts With A Single Step

Book a discovery call with me to know if I can help you. My coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and held across Chennai, India and globally.