Executive & Leadership Coaching

“Empower yourself and others for greater success”
The executive coaching methodology is designed to create positive changes in thinking and behaviours, helping you discover your best self and lead with greater clarity, conviction, and confidence.

Coaching Areas and Assessments

Partnering in your growth and success, I offer one-to-one executive coaching customised to your needs and comfort.

Leadership Development
Upscaling Performance
Managing Role Transitions
High Potential Growth
Leadership Assessments
360-degree Feedback

Your executive coaching journey includes:

  • Gaining clarity on your vision
  • Increased self-awareness - blindspots & strengths
  • Discovering solutions to core challenges
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs to build confidence
  • New learnings to experiment with
  • Replenishing emotional balance
  • Systematic focus on creating positive change

People Skills and Executive Presence

Your people skills and executive presence contribute significantly to you being a leader with influence. I partner with you to enhance your skills in these aspects of leadership by offering specific coaching engagements in key areas related to them.

Build Executive Presence

  • Anchor in your self-awareness
  • Gain confidence
  • Focus on visibility
  • Implement tools of presence

Power Up Communication

  • Listen & communicate effectively
  • Manage difficult conversations
  • Express needs assertively
  • Communicate tough messages confidently

Manage Time & Energy

  • Declutter and prioritize
  • Delegate confidently
  • Learn the art of saying NO
  • Enhance positive presence

Build Relationships

  • Build Networks
  • Manage conflict with interpersonal sensitivity
  • Understand the art of cultivating robust relationships

Build Trust

  • Build and develop qualities of trustworthiness.
  • Create an environment and a culture where trust is valued and nurtured
  • Be the face of trust to your people and, in your organisation

People Development

  • Understand the principles behind motivation
  • Build Ownership
  • Provide feedback courageously
  • Manage non-performance in a sensitive yet effective manner

Book a discovery call with me to know if I can help you. My coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and held across Chennai, India and globally.