Executive Group Workshops

Learn with and from others

I conduct group workshops on the following topics

Lead with Emotional Intelligence

A workshop on leading yourself with the critical skill of emotional intelligence to enhance well being and be effective at what you do. As leaders use emotions intelligently to build robust relationships, trust and motivate teams to deliver results.

Winning Customers

A workshop that helps you to use emotional intelligence to understand what engages Customers and triggers their choices. Explore and sensitize to the power of harnessing your customers emotions to win them over and build long term relationships.

Communication : The Art of Giving Feedback

Self Awareness is key to enhancing one’s performance. By providing feedback to teams and peers, Leaders contribute to an individual’s growth and development. Even though this is a critical skill, it is also one that is considered the hardest.

This workshop helps you to build confidence and courage to deliver timely and consistent feedback to your teams. Provide feedback in a sensitive, balanced and effective manner so that team members can accept and benefit from it.

Change Starts With A Single Step

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