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Build Confidence

Tricks to Build Your Confidence

Confidence can be fragile. It cannot stay consistently high all the time. Even the most confident people face times of self-doubt. Additionally, our levels of confidence can be situational and context-driven. For e.g, we may be v ... Read More Apr 05, 2022
what is emotional intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

MasterChef Australia, a popular Australian competitive cooking game show based on the original British MasterChef has an activity called 'pressure tests'. During pressure tests, the contestants have to cook outstanding food with a set of ... Read More Jan 07, 2022
develop delegation

Develop The Art Of Delegation

You glance at the clock, it's 7 pm, and you are still in the office. You promised your daughter you would be home early to help with her project. Looking at your pile of work, a feeling of overwhelm begins to wash over you. You know you ... Read More Sep 24, 2021