Unlock the Right Mindset to a Fulfilling 2023
Unlock the Right Mindset to a Fulfilling 2023
Jan 19, 2023 5 min read

Are you still feeling hesitant about creating goals this year?

What if I told you - let's chuck goals out of the window this year and focus on rebuilding the right Mindset to achieve our best year? Would you be surprised?

According to the University of Scranton, a whopping 92 per cent of people who set new year goals never actually achieve them. There are considerable statistics from other sources that support this finding.

So, should we consider something else to create a fulfilling year?


The Shift

What fuels the achievement of our aspirations and goals is our Mindset.

Mindset is a set of beliefs that collectively form your mental attitude and the lens through which you see your world.

It influences how you think, act and responds to your world. A typical example is whether you see the glass as "half empty" or "half full."

Mindsets have a critical role in what people can achieve

Often, we may not recognise or be aware that we are stuck in a mindset that is not helping us or, worse still, working against us.

So this year instead of goals lets focus on rebuilding the right mindset.


Success MindSets

Three kinds of mindsets support people to be their best selves and create success.

Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset

If you live in fear that 'there are not enough' resources, clients, wealth etc., and it makes you insecure, fearful and competitive, you are probably a victim of the scarcity mindset.

You cannot create space for 'More' in your life - more solutions, resources and opportunities to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, an abundance mindset believes one has to look beyond the obvious and expand thinking. With an abundance mindset, you don't have to compete unnecessarily; instead, you collaborate, trusting there is enough to go around.

To create an abundance mindset, focus on developing alternatives and expanding opportunities to receive more success.

When you see other successful people, try to observe and learn from them rather than compete.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

The fixed mindset thinks that failing is a poor option and attributes it to one's inability to achieve. There is a belief that if one does not succeed at what one does, it is a cause for shame.

On the opposite, a growth mindset does not focus on failure. Instead, it focuses on learnings.

Let's say you decide to exercise to lose 5kgs. However, you are unable to follow an exercise routine. Instead of focusing on feeling like a failure, you concentrate on learnings.

You experiment with different forms of exercise, even though you cannot stick to a routine, till you discover what you enjoy and don't enjoy You are learning about yourself through these experiences.

Slowly you may discover that you enjoy exercising with people and join groups that motivate you to stick to your exercise routine.

You will see that a learning mindset ultimately leads you to your goals.

Positive vs Negative Mindset

A person with a negative mindset tends to think and react to life negatively most of the time.

Such people lose relationships and opportunities. They create stress for themselves and constantly feel unfulfilled or disturbed by situations and other people.

They cannot find solutions or a way forward and get stuck in negative patterns.

While using our critical thinking skills and some amount of scepticism is beneficial, continuously finding fault or reacting negatively to people and situation constitutes the most dangerous mindset.

People with negative mindsets should start challenging their assumptions and beliefs.

Instead of asking yourself, ‘why me?’ or ‘what's the use in trying' ask yourself how can I make the most of the situation?



There is nothing wrong with having a personal or professional goal that you wish to achieve.

However, the first step towards accomplishing them is to create a mindset that will support your efforts and help overcome roadblocks that come your way.

E.g., if you want to earn X amount of money this year, but, you are working from a scarcity mindset which is making you extra cautious and fearful, chances are you won't be able to earn it.

Instead, focus on creating an abundance mindset that will open you to opportunities and give you the confidence to get the best out of partnerships.

I wish you a great, fulfilling and successful year. May you learn, grow and succeed.



Insight Timer app - Offers courses on developing the abundance mindset.

Mindset - Book by Carol Dweck on developing the growth mindset

Positive Psychology by Martin Seligman - offers courses on developing a positive mindset.

Link - https://ppc.sas.upenn.edu/

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