About me

Some of the areas I have coached clients on are - creating people centric leadership,building relationships and trust in the workplace,managing conflict, powering communication,executive presence,time management, being emotionally intelligent and transitioning to new roles.

I understand both the practical and emotional side of Leadership. My clients appreciate me for my empathetic nature and ability to build trust quickly, enabling them to explore their reality with courage and vulnerability. I believe in relating to people with sincerity and integrity.

Certified in Emotional
Intelligence Assessments

Over twenty years of global experience…

My entire work experience spans customer relationship and people management, sales & marketing, corporate relations, and human resources. I worked in global organizations, Taj Group of Hotels and British Airways, where I held a dynamic leadership position as Performance Manager, South Asia . Leading a diverse group of individuals through complexity with a focus on high performance provided me with opportunities to hone my people skills.

Beyond being a Coach…

I am passionate about growth, learning and great conversations! I am a traveller, a journeywoman who thrives on adventure, discovering new places, cultures and human stories. My favourite quote is Henry Millers – “One’s destination is never a place, rather a new way of seeing things”. This aligns with my belief that our perspective really matters. I also love dancing, good movies and jazz music!

Based in Chennai… Coaching globally…

I live in Chennai, India, with my husband and children. I have been very fortunate to have had opportunities to integrate into diverse cultures, both in my personal life and my professional life. Professionally I was part of a cohesive multi-cultural team that worked towards common goals.


Soul Framework
My coaching methodology is based on the SOUL framework developed by me. Additionally it provides a four step guide, to help Leaders lead both themselves and others with ownership and inspiration. I believe this framework is the core, to which all other skills and capabilities of Leadership are connected.
Gain clarity on who you truly are and how you can impact others to build positive presence.
Be in full ownership of how you show up and the results you create to be purposeful.
Understand yourself, your people and the environment with balanced empathy to build trust.
Lead yourself by modelling behaviours that inspire people to be their best selves in your workplace and life.
Soul Framework

The fact that you are here, means you are on the threshold of wanting to
step into your inherent power.

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