Why your vision matters
Why ‘Your Vision’ Matters
Feb 10, 2022 5 min read

As human beings, we share the common desire to feel fulfilled in our lives.

We seek fulfilment from the life we live, our relationships and our work.

Often fulfilment eludes us. We feel like we are constantly chasing it, and the more we chase it, the further it seems to get away.


Let’s Pause.

And ask ourselves the question right now – Is the life I am leading my ideal one?

If the answer is NO, the next question is – Do I know what I want my ideal life to look like?


The Opportunity

Vision is about what YOU want your life to be - professional or personal. It is the window to your future. Going through life without a vision is like shooting aimlessly.


Close your eyes and envision your ideal future in the aspect of life that is calling for your highest attention. 

What images of the ideal scenarios are you seeing? How are they making you feel? What time in the future is it – is it 2,5,10 years from now?

When you can see your ideal life clearly, your heart lights up, and you feel elated and inspired! 

This vision is your North Star giving you direction. It will take you to where you truly belong and thrive in your personal and professional life.


Staying Realistic

A word of caution.

If the vision of your ideal life does not stay within the framework of what’s realistic for you, you can be in danger of aspiring for a life that feels like an uphill task.

While it is important to stretch ourselves, knowing what is achievable within specific timeframes is equally essential.


Ideal Self

You have clarity on what your ideal life looks like. Think about who do you need to be to begin creating that life?

If you were the captain of your ship, following your North Star, what qualities do you need to steer it effectively and navigate through the roadblocks you will encounter.


Rooting Vision

When vision is rooted in your values, it derives immense power. This inner power propels you forward during challenging times, ambiguity and unexpected changes. Hence knowing your values, your inner drivers is vital.

Secondly, your purpose fuels the flame of your vision. It is not always easy to identify and articulate purpose, and you can begin with knowing what deeply motivates you.

E.g. in your professional life, if you had all the power and resources, what would you be spending your time doing? Does this feel like your purpose?

Furthermore, root your vision in your strengths. Know them well and maximise them to help you achieve the life you want.


Personal Vision Statement

When organisations create clear and compelling vision statements that their employees share, they create positive and powerful results. The vision statement provides a sense of purpose and direction to people.

In the same way, a personal vision statement for your life can be just as meaningful for you. Keep it concise so that you can remember it.

Here are examples of personal and professional vision statements.

“To fulfil my adventurous spirit through varied experiences and secure a life that gives me the platform and opportunities for it.”

“To internally grow, be a caring, supportive parent and professional and die with no regrets.”

You can also create a professional vision statement

“To transform the world of business into a customer-centric environment focused on excellent quality service.”



I believe the power to achieve your vision is within you, and the clarity and mechanics of how you can achieve it is what I help you with.

You can choose to get help or get started on your own with the tips provided in this blog.

When you start moving towards the life you want and becoming the person you need to be to achieve it, you move into the arms of a more fulfilling life - A life that speaks to your soul vs your mind.

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